Tour 4

Horse tour:

housing, training and high-tech equine

sports medicine


Visits to an innovative boarding stable, a breeder of the indigenous Freiberger breed and the Equine Sports Medicine Unit of the Vetsuisse Faculty in Zurich


Ponyhof Letzau

Ponyhof Letzau is situated in the Rhine valley, a region known for its generous riding paths. The boarding stable offers an innovative active stable/exercise stable for 20 active and retired sport and leisure horses of mixed breeds and ages. The owners will present their intentions and the implementation in their stables and there will be an opportunity to discuss advantages and problems encountered, particularly in relation to the challenge of integrating new horses in groups.


Tonis Fribyhof

Tonis Fribyhof is a good example of how the traditional Freiberger horses (affectionately called Friby) find their place in the modern world. Some foals are born on the farm each year. The owners will present some of their breeding horses and explain their breeding goals. Youngsters are trained on the farm and either sold as leisure horses or used for the different farm activities. The farm offers a riding school, riding camps, horse-drawn carriage rides and also guided rides for groups. Another mainstay is the organisation of events and the catering service we have booked for our lunch.


Equine Sports Medicine Unit of the Vetsuisse Faculty

The research focus of the Sports Medicine Unit is on examinations of the horse under stress. The unit examines respiratory mechanics of the upper airways under stress, the saddle fit and its influence on back health; influence of sport-specific use and different saddle designs and positions on the back. The focus of our visit will be on gait analysis and biomechanical investigations of lameness, shoeing and use-related aspects (rider influence) and we will see a test performed on a high-speed treadmill.


Tour sponsor: UFA AG


07:30 bus departs from Davos in front of Conference Centre

09:30 Arrival at Ponyhof Letzau, Oberriet

11:00 Departure from Oberriet

12:00 Arrival at Tonis Fribyhof in Jonschwil, lunch

14:30 Departure from Jonschwil

15:30 Arrival at Vetsuisse Zurich

17:15 Departure to Zurich airport or Zurich main station from Station “Tierspital” by tramway; From the station Zurich Vetsuisse/Tierspital, there are frequent departures to Zurich Main Station/Zürich HB and to Zurich Airport/Zürich Flughafen (approximately 25/30 minutes)

Tramway timetable 


17:15 Departure to Davos by bus

19:30 Arrival in Davos