Swiss Evening
Tuesday 31 August
19:00 - 23:00h

The Swiss evening is meant to be a traditional informal get-together. You will sample traditional local food like “Älplermakkronen”, “Chässpätzli”, “Capuns” and other typical Swiss food and drink Swiss beers and wines.  

Due to the Covid -situation, the local organizing committee had to decide some weeks ago to organize the Swiss evening in three different locations. The framework is very informal in all three locations and all of them are special with its very own character.  

bolgenchalets (4).jpg

Please note  

The assignment of the participants to the location was done randomly. The entrance to the different locations is only possible with the ticket you will find in your conference bag. 

There is a pinboard near the registration where you can try to swap your assigned entry if you prefere another location.  



In the new restaurant 1921 in the stadium of the famous hockey Club Davos, there will be space for 120 persons. You have the possibility to visit the stadium and walk around 360° on the first floor and so see Davos with different views. The 1921 is in walking distance from Davos Congress Centre through out the Congress Park.  


The restaurant Bolgen Plaza was built in traditional Swiss log cabin-style (called a chalet) and is renowned for its parties and company events. Surrounded by picturesque green hills in the summer and plenty of snow in the winter, the Bolgen Plaza is located directly at the Bolgenhang slope at the foot of the Jakobshorn. This is where the world’s first ski lift was built!  

There is space for 250 persons.  

Getting there : Walk for about 1.5km through the Talstrasse direction west till Station Davos-Platz or take the bus to the station Davos Platz. There walk under the train station through to the parking lot of Jacobshornbahn. On the other side of the river Landwasser you see the big chalet of Bolgen Plaza.  


The third restaurant is called Fuxägufer and is on the half way up on the mountain Jacobshorn. Actually it is like a very large ski hut and normally it is only open during the winter season. That is why the participants can only reach it per cablecar and bustransfer. If the weather is nice, the view will be impressive. It is over 2000 m above sea level, so it could also be quite cold.  

Described away : There will be a transfer by bus from Davos Congress to the station of Jacobshorn (Cablecar) at 18:45h and 19:00h. After a short ride of 3 minutes by cable car there will be another short ride of about 10 minutes by little busses to the location of the restaurant Fuxägufer.  

Starting at 22:00h there will be rides back to Station Davos Platz. Last ride downhill at 23:30h. There is space for 230 persons.   

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