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Swiss Evening

Tuesday 31 August

The Swiss evening is meant to be a traditional yet informal get-together: you will sample traditional local food (certainly with lots of cheese) and hear traditional music including the alphorn, Swiss Örgeli and maybe even some yodelling. The evening will take place at Bolgen Plaza. Bolgen Plaza was built in traditional Swiss log cabin-style (called a Chalet) and is renowned for its parties and company events. Surrounded by picturesque green hills in the summer and plenty of snow in the winter, the Bolgen Plaza is located directly at the Bolgenhang slope at the foot of the Jakobshorn. This is where the world’s first ski lift was built!


The Bolgen chalets stand on the right and left of the Landwasser and are connected by a bridge. There is plenty of space outside and people will be able to move around between the two chalets, stroll along the Landwasser, chat and have something to eat and drink.

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