Information about the Covid-Situation in Davos at EAAP 2021 

We have done our utmost possible to arrange a safe congress environment while keeping the possibility of interaction among the participants. In this section of the congress website, we provide you with the latest information on

Please check regularly.

In short:

  • Only participants with a valid Swiss or EU COVID certificate in combination with a personal document (identity card, passport) get access to the venue. The certificates will be checked outside of the conference center, before congress registration.

  • Participants from outside Europe can bring their official certificates. A pre-check is available, in case of uncertainty about the validity of such documents.

  • We offer you free antigen rapid test on site (valid for 48h) – daily at specific times. PCR tests (fee CHF 156) are also available (valid 72h). Please pre-register here.

  • After registration, your conference badge will be enough to get access. Retesting - It is your own responsibility to get retested if you received access with a negative test. The organizing committee can ask any participant at any time to present a valid certificate.

  • We assure you data protection. EAAP 2021, the test center or hospital Davos will NOT keep any data of participants nor provide them to a third party (except a positive test result, which will have to be transferred to the Swiss authorities).



I have an official document but not an EU or Swiss certificate. Do I get access?

  • A pre-check is available, in case of uncertainty about the document Please send your document via e-mail to Dr. Walter Kistler, head of pandemic crisis team at Hospital Davos ( You will get an answer which can be presented at the entrance in Davos.

  • A pre-check is not necessary for holders of official EU-certificates.

  • In any case, there is the possibility to get tested on site.


Do I have to register for testing?

  • Yes, please register for testing in any case by clicking here. It helps for a smooth testing process and a safe transfer of the certificate to your mobile phone (please don’t forget country code when registering).


Where do I test and how do I get my certificate after testing?

  • The test center, run by Davos hospital, is outside of the congress building, next to the entrance. The result will be available within 30 minutes and will be transferred to your mobile phone. Please present this certificate at the entrance thereafter.
    Attention: While waiting, please wear your mask and respect social distancing.


Can I get a PCR Test on site?

  • Yes. Please indicate this at the entrance of the test center. The procedure is the same, but the sample will be analyzed in a specialized and internationally accredited lab. You will get the result including certificate within 12-24 hours on your mobile phone. A PCR test is at your own cost (CHF 156 per test). Credit Card is accepted.


Hours of operation of the test center?

  • The test center is available at the following times:


Sunday August 29:

8.30 – 9.30am plus 5.00 – 6.30pm

(Registration closes at 7pm)

Monday to Wednesday:

07.30 – 8.30am

Thursday September 2nd:

07.30 – 8.30 and 4 to 6.30pm

Closing time depends on tests to do.

Do I need to wear a mask inside the congress center

  • Yes, wearing a mask is mandatory inside the congress building at all times (except of course when you eat and/or drink).

What COVID-measures are in place during the social events?

  • Generally, the same measures to protect against COVID-19 are in place as for the congress itself. All people attending need a certificate. During transport and within the respective buildings, masks are mandatory. When you sit and eat or when you are outside, you can take off the mask. Please respect social distance at all times.


Is it mandatory to test on site?

  • You need a valid COVID certificate for the whole duration of the conference. If you got that via vaccination or if you were recovered from being infected within 180 days, you don’t need to test on site. If you got your certificate via a negative test, it is your responsibility to re-test. A PCR test is valid for 72 hours, an antigen rapid test for 48 hours.



What happens if I get tested positive on Corona in Davos?

  • EAAP 21 is closely cooperating with the hospital in Davos. As soon as you get a positive test result, an experienced medical team will take care after you and inform you about the next steps to take. Each case will be treated individually.



What do I have to do if a person is tested positive with whom I was in close contact?

  • If, despite all safety measures, such a case occurs, the organizing committee is strictly following the rules of the Swiss federal office of public health. At this moment, fully vaccinated or recovered persons do not need to go into a quarantine. Please find further information here.



Where can I get the latest information about entering Switzerland?

Please check regularly

Updated information August 20th 2021